In a far off, distant universe, there is a star called Rurga and another by the name of Garnisia not far from it. Monsters named Gast inhabited Garnisia, and they planned the invasion of Rurgaro as their star resources were Memalagaja.
They controlled the spirit of Lurgah’s King Gavin and Nathan the Great Wizard. They went on to destroy the tribe of Lurgah, proclaiming Garnisia as their star.
Gavin, once a wise and good king, killed innocent people intoxicated by the evil spirit.
Lord William, the great lord of the country village, visited the king to protect the ruined country. Lord William was trusted by the king as a lord who greatly contributed to the right direction of the country.
But the wizard Nathan, determined that William would interfere with Gavin's plan, killed William when he entered the castle.
Meanwhile, after William's death, there was a power struggle in the village over the throne. The struggle for power lasted for a long time, while in the process William's wife was killed, and William's young son barely escaped from the village and disappeared.
As time went by, the aristocrat Leonard, who took power through brute force, used his position to steal the treasury and only devoted himself to gorging. Moreover, when the massive invasion of the trolls sent by Gavin began, Leonard fled with all the castle’s valuables.
Eventually, Tommy, the butler who was supporting William closest to him, goes out to find William's child hiding in seclusion and brings him to the village.

Problems of P2E system

  • Entry Barrier : The market is currently questioning whether the P2E model itself is sustainable. Most P2E games are structured in a way that pays high-cost Ethereum to enter early, and those who enter early take most of the profits.
  • Monopoly : Some P2E players monopolize NFT resources and create their own mining sites. Many P2E games have become Pay to Earn, not Play to Earn, allowing only a small number of exclusive users to recoup their investments.
  • Inflation : Currently, the P2E system is not able to preserve the value of tokens due to issues with the compensation system. P2E systems often seek excessive compensation systems to attract in-game users. If there is more supply than demand, inflation will occur and the value of tokens will inevitably fall.

Purpose of Fantasy Town

Fantasy Town has introduced an NFT lending system to accommodate a token economy that allows all early entrants, heavy as well as new users to earn satisfactory rewards through games. Additionally, in Fantasy Town, users continue to compete by consuming YAC and FANT tokens. The 'Build contest' competition system will play a key role in the value increase of tokens. In conclusion, Fantasy Town lowers entry barriers with the NFT lending system, solves monopoly problems, and competition systems steadily increase the value of tokens. Once the internal ecosystem can achieve healthy circulation and the majority of users are stable and active they will be able to make decisions regarding all parts of the game through its DAO infrastructure.
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